New Computer and Laptops

As part of our services we can build new computers to your requirements whether it be a gaming machine or a home studio machine to home media centres.We have built them all. Whether your looking for a refurbished computer we can also supply computers from 1 year old to 6 years old.

Computer and Laptop Repairs

When computers go wrong, they frustrate even the best of us, so if your computer is suffering then call us and we will help get you to get going again. We work with you to get your computer problems resolved.

Computer and Laptop Upgrades

If your computer is feeling old and slow we can upgrade your computer with more memory or replace your Hard Drive with a modern Solid State Drive. these simple upgrades can make your computer feel like brand new again.

Mobile Phone and Tablet Repair

Have you broken your screen? have your run out of space on your iPhone or iPad? updates not working? is your device not charging? Is the touch feature malfunctioning? Contact us to see if we can help.

Laptop Screen Replacement

Have you broken your laptop screen and looking to replace it, we offer a same-day laptop screen replacement service on all major laptop models and brands. Got a touch screen we also replacement touch screen aswell

Virus and Malware Removal

Viruses and Malware can cause a lot of damage to computers, they corrupt files and block services, they can stop the internet from working on some internet browsers, some even demand money or pretend to be the police seizing your computer.

Home Visits and Pickup Service

To make life easier we can come to you, we can attempt to repair your issue on site or take it away to one of our specialist workshops to be fixed and then brought back to you quickly, safely and securely.

Router and Wireless Setup

With todays internet service providers they are not very helpful in getting your services up and running, If its a new installation or you’ve switched providers, getting online can be tricky, We are able to setup your new router, configure your wifi and get you surfing again.

Cloud Backup and Recovery

Data backup is essential whether its external or to the cloud, It’s important that your data is kept safe, whether its your treasured Photos, Videos or Letters you’ve saved. Data Backup is you’re insurance that if anything goes wrong.

Full System Health and Hardware Checks

We offer two packages for the Health Check, the Standard Health Check consists of a Hard Disk test, a Memory test, and a antivirus and malware clean, Our Premium Health Check includes the Standard Package as well as removal of temporary files and caches and old system files. Full internal and external clean. Replacement of thermal paste to ensure your computer stays cool.

Home CCTV Installation and Setup

If your looking to improve your home security with CCTV we can install a system tailored to you, from watching on your TV or your mobile phone to even having it monitored by a remote monitoring company who can be watching your car and garden 24/7.

Laptop and Computer Recycling

If you have recently upgraded you comuter and don’t know what to do with you old one, we collect and recycle Computers, Laptops, Servers, Networking Equipment, Phones and Tablets and ensure all data is securely wiped and destroyed.

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